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City of Charleston, SC

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To preserve and enhance the quality of life of the citizens of the City of Charleston.

We value our diversity and are committed to treating every resident with respect, honesty and courtesy.

Public Safety
We value every citizen’s safety and understand that safe, public spaces and neighborhoods are essential to our quality of life.

Quality Services
We value providing high quality municipal services at the lowest possible cost to our residents.

Physical Place
We value our unique natural resources, our man-made environment, public realm and neighborhoods, and we understand how our physical place affects each resident’s quality of life. We will work with others to increase the sustainability of our physical place.

Regional Partnerships
We value working with other government entities within our region to sustain and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

Company History

Founded and settled by English colonists in 1670, Charleston grew from a colonial seaport to a wealthy city by the mid-eighteenth century. Through the mid-nineteenth century, Charleston’s economy prospered due to its busy seaport and the cultivation of rice, cotton, and indigo.

In April of 1861, Confederate soldiers fired on Union-occupied Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, thus signaling the beginning of the Civil War. Charleston was slow to recover from the devastation of the war. However, its pace of recovery became the foundation of the City’s greatest asset – its vast inventory of historically significant architecture. Short on capital after the war, Charleston was forced to repair its existing damaged buildings instead of replacing them.

After the war, the City gradually lessened its dependence on agriculture and rebuilt its economy through trade and industry. Construction of the Navy Yard in 1904, just north of the City’s boundaries, pushed Charleston vigorously into the twentieth century. During the first few decades of the 1900’s, industrial and port activities increased dramatically. Later, major sources of capital came from the Charleston Naval Base, the area’s medical industry and the tourism industry. Today approximately 4.51 million people visit our city annually generating an estimated economic impact of $3.22 billion.

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